M&H Real Estate Investing, LLC specializes in finding investment opportunities in the Southern California area to create profit opportunities for their investors, improve neighborhoods and create beautiful homes for families to enjoy for generations.

Our contracting partners are uniquely experienced in reconstructing these older houses and turning them into almost brand new homes ready for any lucky family to purchase and enjoy.  Naturally, these contractors are all licensed, bonded and insured.  

M&H works directly with our aggressive real estate professionals who have created a pipeline of mature homes with the types of profit spreads needed to make this business work.  With over 30 years of experience in the distressed home market, investment opportunities come to us from multiple sources.  With the added benefit of working in the hyper-market of Southern California home investing, this allows us to provide consistent returns to our investing partners.

For the past 10 years, our investing partners have been investing in and renovating 4 to 5 homes per year.  They have been doing this work in conjunction with their residential home sales operations.  They have 4 investing partners that have provided them with the needed dollars to purchase and renovate that number of projects per year.  We are looking to expand the number of projects and need investors who are interested in joining us in this profitable operation.

The beauty of our investing model is that you can invest with us as you feel comfortable. Since there are no long term commitments with our investors, you can do one project a year or do as most of our investors do, annualize your income for the highest possible return on your money.  The choice is yours to make.

After recently closing our project in Long Beach, our investor on this deal had this to say about the process;

     “ This was the easiest investment I’ve ever made.  M and H made this process so simple - everything was in writing and very easy to understand. The $16,000.00 of profit I made on this

project is far more than I could have earned anywhere else.  I can’t wait until the next deal…

Come on guys, let’s get on to the next one!”

We are talking with 2 more investment partners and they are looking to move forward as part of our team.  We just need one more partner to fully fund our investments strategies.  Please contact us immediately if you are interested in this amazing opportunity.  Be sure to ask us how you can create a tax-deferred mechanism to further increase your investment returns… This is amazing!

​​​Our Process To Sucess...